ARGE Heumilch

ARGE Heumilch: An association of hay milk dairies and hay milk farmers

ARGE Heumilch is an association of around 7,000 hay milk farmers and roughly 100 processing businesses (dairies, cheese makers etc.) and marketing firms and is registered in Innsbruck. It is the most important association for the production and marketing of hay milk in Europe.


ARGE Heumilch is a platform to share information and has defined the following goals for representing the interests of its members:

  • Preserving the tradition of silage-free farming
  • Supporting hay milk farmers, processors and marketers
  • Leveraging value added for all partners
  • Protecting jobs
  • Educating and communicating with consumers about the benefits of high-quality hay milk products: Taste, health and sustainability

Hay milk regions

Most of the hay milk regions are located in the Alps, where hay farming has been a traditional practice for centuries. The main production areas are Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Styria and Allgäu, as well as Eastern and Central Switzerland.

In Austria, hay milk accounts for 15% of total milk deliveries. Less than 3% of the milk produced in Europe fulfils the criteria for hay milk.

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