Cheese tasting

A simple guide to cheese tasting

Cheese tasting sessions are becoming increasingly popular. We have summarized the most important tips and steps here:

  • Send an email to to order a free copy of the Cheese Language brochure (only available in German)
  • Invite friends
  • Browse through the Hay Milk Cheese Language brochure
  • Obtain your favourite hay milk cheese
  • Download aroma groups (only in German)
  • Download the tasting forms (only in German)
  • Taste cheeses together with friends
  • Discuss and communicate preferences
  • Describe your favourite hay milk cheese

Professional Cheese Tasting

The Heumilch Cheese Language Guide was developed for aspiring cheese connoisseurs and cheese sommeliers in order to bring the variety of tastes of the natural product cheese closer to the customer or guest. The document shows step by step how cheese is professionally tasted according to sensory parameters and which senses are required for this.

For the practical part – i.e. for the tasting – there is a tasting sheet and a tasting form to help. Both can be found in the document and can be downloaded here:
Tasting sheet (only available in German)
Tasting form (only available in German)
Training document (only available in German)
With this “tool” sommeliers but also beginners can taste cheese in a structured way.

For training as a cheese connoisseur at schools or for specialized courses such as the training to become a certified cheese sommelier at Wifi, we are happy to provide the Heumilch Cheese Language training material in higher numbers for students and course participants free of charge. Send us an e-mail to with your address and the number of training materials you need. You will immediately receive the cheese language guide.